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Hypnosis for Pain Control Jun 13, 2024
toddler in chair surrounded by clutter

The Power of Hypnosis in Pain Management

Pain affects millions globally, and while traditional treatments often involve medications and physical therapies, hypnosis offers a compelling addition for managing both acute and chronic pain, thereby enhancing the quality of life.

Hypnosis is...

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Can Hypnosis Transform Your Health? Unlock Its Power May 29, 2024
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Many people associate hypnosis with theatrical performances where subjects crawl on all fours or quack like ducks at the hypnotist's command. However, medical hypnosis, or hypnotherapy, offers significant health benefits, supported by an increasing body of scientific evidence....

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Why We Resist Change:The Comfort of the Status Quo May 06, 2024
Arrow saying Habits, another saying Changes two shoes one on each arrow

Here we are moving toward summer rapidly

and how many of us are thinking "I was supposed to be 'X' by now". 

Maybe  'X' stands for thinner, or healthier or in a new job.  It can be anything you have consciously told yourself you want to achieve, and yet change comes...

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Clear the Clutter from your Mind and your Home Apr 15, 2024
toddler in chair surrounded by clutter

Do you ever feel besieged by possessions, swamped by the abundance of 'things' crowding your life? You are certainly in good company. Clutter is a common challenge, taking space not only in our homes but also our minds. This clutter is not just a nuisance; for many, it brings...

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New Paths To Healing: Exploring Hypnosis for PTSD Apr 01, 2024
4 wooden blocks spelling PTSD across 2 palms

New Paths To Healing: Exploring Hypnosis for PTSD

In my practice as a consulting hypnotist, I've been privileged to assist many individuals on their journey to improved emotional health, including those battling PTSD. 

Hypnosis for PTSD can play a powerful role in this...

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