Season #2

Denise Billen-Mejia


In this episode I chat with Sujin Lee, a physiatrist with subspecialty training in spinal cord injury.

Sujin chose a hybrid career of clinical, research and teaching on leaving fellowship and now,also, coaches physicians. We talk about the changing face of medicine and the increasing acceptance of alternative ways of practicing now; part-time, telemedicine... She notes there is still hesitancy in mainstream academic medicine but things are slowly changing.

Physicians are human beings first and being a healthy human is necessary to be a healthy physician. Pursuing other career opportunities is sometimes the better choice and Sujin makes the case for finding a coach to help with the process. It is clear more support and coaching programs within medical schools and the healthcare system, in general, would be beneficial for all medical staff.

"... I see some people thinking that looking for help is a sign of weakness. No, it's not! Actually, the people who look for help are the ones that are brave and strong. They acknowledge they need help and go for it. I think that's real true authentic strength actually, not a weakness."    Sujin Lee MD

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