Whole Medicine

Season #2

Denise Billen-Mejia MD  www.healandberadiant.com

In this episode we start with how medicine has changed and how much better women are now represented in the profession, the differences in medical training and licensing between Eire (Southern Ireland )and other countries, and Fiona’s choice of career as a General Practioner.

Fiona shares that she has been working in general practice for 15 years and has gotten to know her patients well. She believes that knowing about their lives and experiences helps her to see them as human beings. They briefly touch on the issue of burnout in medicine and the need for balance between anecdotal evidence and scientific research. Fiona's website, Wellness UR Way, offers classes on various techniques for feeling well and is open to anyone.

You can reach Fiona  through her website https://www.wellnessurway.com/aboutus


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