Thriving on Documentation

Season #2

Denise Billen-Mejia 

My time in medicine began not long after S.O.A.P .became a thing and several of the older physicians were very suspicious, some kept an entire family's history in a single record and only a few secluded spots in the hospital were available for longform documentation.    Charts were often indecipherable to all but the author and billing staff. EMR was seen as a wonderful far off thing so this episode was very educational for me.   The pdf Dr Stegink alludes to in the episode is available through the link below.

Dr. Ryan Stegink has always been curious about how the world works, majoring in physics before going to medical school. Dr. Stegink now works as an outpatient general pediatrician and enjoys caring for patients from all over the world, using his Spanish skills on a daily basis. He also enjoys encouraging colleagues and trainees, having been through burnout himself less than a year out of training. Part of Dr. Stegink’s path through burnout included optimizing his own charting and practice workflows, and he now coaches other physicians around charting so they can create margin to support their own values and priorities through his signature program, Charting Mastery!.

You can find out more about Dr. Stegink over at, The MedEdWell Podcast, or on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn by searching MedEdWell

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