Season 1 Finale

This is the final episode of Two Hypnotherapists Talking Season 1, the podcast for anyone and everyone who has ever wanted to know more about the therapeutic use of hypnosis and the benefits it can bring.

This series of 12 episodes has flown by. We have been honored to welcome six fabulous guest therapists during the series, each one bringing their own unique insights into the fascinating subject of therapeutic hypnosis. As ever, no Woo-Woo, no BS and definitely no mind-control. 

This episode features Denise and Martin talking about their individual plans for 2023 plus more details about the next season of Two Hypnotherapists Talking which launches January 8th, 2023. It also features a section from each of our previous guests, so put your feet up, get settled and enjoy what we have for you. The Podcast is on a brief hiatus but we are not and we'd love to hear from you, we can be reached via our individual websites.

Denise Billen-Mejia

Martin Furber

Remember each regular episode has a link to claim CME so if you didn't collect 12 credits yet this year, check back in with any episodes you might have missed.

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With sincere thanks to all our guests who gave their time to this podcast. If you would like to know more about any of our guests, their details are below.

See you in 2023.

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