Hoarding, Habits, Hypnosis and Happiness

Denise Billen-Mejia website: https://www.aahypnosis.com

Martin Furber website: https://www.martinfurber.com

Back with season two of 'Two Hypnotherapists Talking'!

Denise Billen-Mejia and Martin Furber kick off the new year with the first episode of their transatlantic podcast -a light-hearted chat about hoarding and other habits, happiness and hypnosis.

Denise is a retired medical doctor turned consulting hypnotist based in Delaware USA. Martin is a registered clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist based in the UK.

Each week they have a catch-up on zoom, talking about anything and everything to do with the therapeutic use of hypnosis and the benefits it can bring.

This podcast is for anyone and everyone who has an interest in hypnosis. As usual, this catch-up between two friends and colleagues sees them chatting about things from both a personal and professional point of view. The conversation is far ranging and as ever, they both go off subject as they introduce anecdotes and other topics into the conversation, all designed to inform and entertain in equal measure.

New Year is typically a time when many people decide to have a clear-out. Out with the old and in with the new! Some people, however, have a real problem letting go of things they have acquired here they discussing some of the reasons behind this. If you have never listened before, we hope you will find this podcast refreshingly different from anything else out there on the subject of hypnosis.

The end of this episode also sees them discussing the upcoming episode 2 which will publish on 15th January 2023. That episode will feature 'Hypnosis Royalty' guests Cheryl and Larry Elman, who will be talking about the upcoming Dave Elman Legacy Conference which is online worldwide later this month. If you can't wait for that episode, then check out more details about the conference on their website right now. https://elmanhypnosis.com/elman-hypnosis-conference-2023


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