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Continuing season two of 'Two Hypnotherapists Talking' - this is Episode 2.

This crammed episode features 'Hypnosis Royalty' Cheryl and Larry Elman. They are talking with Martin and Denise about the upcoming Dave Elman Legacy Conference, which is available worldwide online January 20th to 22nd 2023.

Denise is a retired medical doctor turned consulting hypnotist based in Delaware USA. Martin is a registered clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist based in the UK. Each week they have a catch-up on zoom, talking about anything and everything to do with the therapeutic use of hypnosis and the benefits it can bring.

This latest series features some fantastic guests, and this exclusive podcast with Cheryl and Larry gives a unique insight into the life and career of Legendary American Hypnotist Dave Elman. Not only was Dave Elman the pioneer of the Elman Induction, a rapid type of hypnosis induction; he also trained medical doctors in the use of hypnosis for medical purposes, throughout the States. The conversation covers Dave's early life before he became an internationally acclaimed hypnotist. Dave's son, Larry, tells us how his father developed the 'Dave Elman Induction' which is still being taught today by the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute. Cheryl and Larry tell us how they travel the world teaching Dave's techniques, in-person and on-line to hypnotists and clinicians alike.

As ever, this program is a natural conversation between professional friends and colleagues. Cheryl and Larry were fantastic guests who told us how they met, and how they have come to build on the legacy left by Dave Elman, so that many thousands of others can be helped worldwide with hypnosis.

If you have never listened before, we hope you will find our podcast refreshingly different from anything else out there on the subject of hypnosis.

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