Fears, Love and Logic

Denise Billen-Mejia:


Martin Furber: https://www.martinfurber.com  

Two Hypnotherapists Talking is the weekly podcast for anyone and everyone who is interested in therapeutic hypnosis and the benefits it can offer.  

Co-hosted by Denise Billen-Mejia in Delaware, USA and Martin Furber in Preston, UK, each week these two professional friends have a catch-up on Zoom and talk about anything and everything to do with hypnosis. It's a friendly and informal chat with no set structure, so we never know where the conversation will lead.  

This episode sees us talking about fears, stemming from Denise's visit to an event which advises people what to do if attending somewhere that suddenly comes under siege from a random shooter.  

The conversation leads on to talking about how logic goes out of the window when we are confronted with something that stimulates the fight/flight response. We also talk about how falling in love can also cause us to abandon logical thinking.   As ever the conversation includes personal anecdotes from both of us as we enthuse about all thing hypnosis and the human mind.    

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