Josephine Blackburn - Mind Re-Boot

Denise Billen-Mejia

Martin Furber

Episode 8 of Season 2 features multi-disciplined therapist Josephine Blackburn from the UK. Josephine is an experienced solution-focused hypnotherapist who talks about the ‘Mind Re-Boot’ program which she has incorporated into her therapy practice.

She tells Denise and Martin about her journey from being a holistic and beauty therapist to becoming a hypnotherapist, working both locally in her area and worldwide via Zoom. and also explains how the ‘Mind Re-Boot’ program can help to desensitize the mind from uncomfortable or troubling memories and how this complements her current hypnotherapy offerings.

This podcast is for anyone and everyone with and interest in therapeutic hypnosis and the benefits it can bring. So whether you are a hypnotherapist, or someone who would like to more about how hypnosis can be helpful with so many things why not give it a try.

Denise is a retired medical Doctor, turned consulting hypnotist based in Delaware, USA. Martin is a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist based in Preston, UK. Together they are ‘Two Hypnotherapists Talking’.

Each week they have a catch-up via Zoom and talk about all things hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Their mission is simple, to reduce the mysticism surrounding hypnosis and to entertain, educate and inform. They are two professional friends and colleagues with a passion for helping others to be their best-selves.

Please excuse the lower than usual visual quality on today’s episode which was caused by a tech failure at Martin’s location. In true style – the show went on!

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