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It was an absolute pleasure to welcome Helen Breward as a guest on Episode 10.  Billing herself as The Cool Menopause Lady, Helen spoke about so much more than just menopause in this packed episode. Amusing, engaging and fascinating are just three of the words that describe this special guest as Helen shared her journey from being a primary school teacher, to becoming a hypnotherapist many years ago. With anecdotes a plenty, and some personal self-disclosure, Helen has an energy and enthusiasm which is infectious. She is also crazy about cats and had Denise and Martin in stitches talking about hers. This is a great episode which you won’t want to miss.

Two Hypnotherapists Talking, is for anyone and everyone who would like to know more about the therapeutic use of hypnosis and the benefits it can bring. The aim is simple, to entertain andinform in equal measure, whilst cutting through the BS, myths and mysticism about hypnosis.

BONUS: Any therapist or physician will tell you about the benefits of getting quality regular sleep, it is essential to good health and well-being. Denise is a retired medical doctor as well as a consulting hypnotist and has a other podcast "Myth, Magic, Medicine  - 2 doctors talking " Season 2 starts March 12th (DST in USA) with guest Nishi Bhopal MD a psychiatrist and sleep expert.

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