...across the pond.  One in the United Kingdom, one in the United States we chat about HYPNOSIS, HEALTH & WELL-BEING, with each other and the occasional guest.  Join us for facts, a little fun and absolutely no woo-woo.







One in UK, one in USA, two hypnotherapists talk with each other and sometimes a guest about hypnosis, health, and personal growth. No wo-woo, just the facts with a little fun.

Martin Furber

I’m based in the UK and I welcome clients in person to my private practice in the city centre of Preston, Lancashire. I also treat clients around the world using ‘zoom’. As well as jointly producing this podcast with Denise Bilen-Mejia I write a regular column for a regional newspaper in the UK and have been featured on Yahoo news.

I specialise in helping people to become their best-self and to deal with any issues which are stress and anxiety related. I am keen to help people with weight management issues following my own life-long battle with weight issues which were finally sorted once and for all when I devised my own hypnotherapy programme. I lost 126 lbs and have kept it off ever since.

I offer a free initial consultation to all potential clients via zoom.


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Denise Billen-Mejia

When I retired from my work as a physician, like many new retirees I took several courses for fun. Then I discovered hypnosis and quickly realized I should have had this in my training as a doctor. It can help people overcome the anxiety and challenges of serious illness, and enables them to make the lifestyle adjustments that lead to better health, so I founded Akeso & Aglaia.

Initially I offered my services as a hypnotist through the medical community in Wilmington, Delaware but soon realized that online hypnosis was just as effective as in-person so my clients now are all over the world, able to connect with me through a secure HIPAA compliant platform.



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