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Hypnotherapy is a medical modality which has been available to healers for thousands of years, yet it is often thought of as quackery and few doctors routinely recommend it. This is a real disservice to patients everywhere. If it only helped alleviate the anxiety surrounding diagnosis and treatment it would be worthwhile but there is so much more.

It is upsetting to me that I was not exposed to hypnosis and its uses when I was in training or practice, it would have been so very useful in the Emergency Department. Now, instead of taking classes purely for fun, puttering in the garden and traveling, I have a small hypnosis practice and try to do my bit to make others more aware.

Please feel free to book a call if you'd rather chat than read.


Denise Billen-Mejia MD

Certified Consulting Hypnotist




"Exploring the Benefits of Hypnosis in Medicine: Techniques and Resources for Healthcare Professionals"


Although it was proposed that hypnosis should be introduced to the medical school curriculum more than 60 years ago, not much happened.  A few schools had some classes but, generally, it has been relegated to the "interesting but not very important" pile.  

Akeso & Aglaia will be launching a brief introductory course on the fundamentals of hypnosis in 2024.  Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit will be offered for this course.


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I'm always happy to talk about hypnosis and how following medical advice can be made easier for patients.

Whether general or specific to a particular patient feel free to book a call.

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