What  They Didn't Teach You In Medical School?

In 1961, the AMA’s Council on Mental Health recommended that medical students and doctors complete 144 hours of hypnotherapy training.

Well we don't think you necessarily need to be a hypnotist yourself, but sign-up here to learn why it might be the key to better outcomes for your patients.


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If you don't know much about hypnosis but you'd like to, you're in the right place. 


This short introduction  will go over the history, pros and cons of hypnosis and give you some insight into the ways recommending  hypnosis might help you, as well as your patients.


Just facts -  so you can make up your own mind. 


AMA PRA Cat 1 CME available

Words from Colleagues

Dr. Billen-Mejia is amazing. She teaches us how to unlock the power of hypnosis to better serve our patients, looking forward to the course.

Dr Gabriel Bietz

Board-certified vascular surgeon




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